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Inspur Yingxin NF5170M4

 Inspur NF5170M4 محصول جدیدی از 1U 2-socket rack server با یکپارچگی و تراکم بالاست که راه حل های مختلفی برای یکپارچه سازی کنترل دخیره سازی و NIC های مختلف در فضای محدود ارائه می دهد، همچنین بهینه سازی بار کار در کاربرد های مختلف را تشخیص می دهد. 

Functional Features

Target customer

Applicable to high-density computing environment, suitable for customers withhigher requirements on space and intensive deployment

Product features

Various integration solutions

Onboard SAS or SATA controller, able to install SAS hard drive without occupying precious PCI-E slots

Flexible anf scalable

Having two NIC types onboard (4x 1Gb and 2x 10Gb), of which users can choose  according to the requirements of network bandwidth to make I/O more flexible

High density

Up to ten front 2.5” Hot Swap hard drives or SSD; or four front 3.5” Hot Swap hard

Drives or two 2.5” Hot Swap hard drive or SSD in 1U space

Two SSD for 3.5” model to realize tiered storage and meet data-intensive working load


OA server, Web server, database search engine

Technical Specifications




2 latest Intel®Xeon® E5-2600V3 processor



QPI bus rate

6.4 - 9.6GT/s


16 DIMMs, support DDR4-2133 memoryup to 1024GB (when 64GB per DIMM

Support 4-channel interleaving access, error correction, memory mirroring, memory hot standby and other advanced functions;

Hard drive controller

Onboard SAS 12Gb hard drive controller


RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60, high-performance SAS RAID controller with cache and optional BBU


Up to 10 front 2.5” Hot Swap SATA/SAS hard drives;

Up to 4 front 3.5” Hot Swap SATA/SAS hard drives, and 2x 2.5” Hot Swap SSD

I/O expansion slots

2x standard PCI-E 3.0 , support 1 full-height card

Onboard I/O ports

Front: 2x USB 3.0, 1x VGA port                                  

Rear: 2x USB 3.0, 1x VGA port                                                 

Network controller

Onboard 4x 1Gb NIC, support virtualization acceleration, network acceleration, load balancing, redundancy and other advanced functions;

Onboard 1 dedicated Gigabit NIC, for IPMI remote management

Power supply

80 Plus platinum/titanium PSU, optional 1+1 redundant, support PMBus

Power voltage




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