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Ruijie Server Set V5.0

Functional Features


Inspur Ruijie system smart installation software

Unattended installation of operating system

Support automatic addition of drive during operating system installation

Supporting manual partitioning and automatic partitioning

No need for software drive support; high adaptability

Supporting Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008/2008R2, Redhat AS 5.5, Redhat AS6.0 and CentOS 6.0

Inspur Ruijie server administration software

Protocol standardization: conforming to standard IPMI, SNMP and other protocols to make monitoring and administration safer, more reliable and more stable

Dynamic topology: a clear-cut self-defined topology which is good-looking, accurate and controllable support multilayered embedding of dynamic topology; perfectly display the affiliation and detailed information of various data centers and machine rooms

Real-time monitoring: second-level data acquisition; acquiring interval of minimum ten seconds to ensure immediate discovery of problems

All-around monitoring: supporting 150+ monitors relating to network, server, system and applications realize all-around monitoring and administration of the hardware, software, server health conditions and various system parameters

In-band and out-of-band administration: real-time monitoring of hardware operating status, e.g. fan operating speed, casing temperature, CPU temperature, voltage, power source status and hardware parameter monitoring; providing accurate and real-time power consumption and temperature monitoring and management of independent servers and server clusters

Energy saving management: power source management; checking real-time power consumption and historic statistics of the server; set energy-saving strategies according to power consumption conditions and define the period for actuation of the energy-saving mode and hence saving of energies

Alarm notice: four-leveled alarms and eight monitoring status; provide email, SMS, window and acoustic alarm modes; well-established alarm and notification log records

Statistical analysis: robust historic record and performance curve graphs; historic data iin ten years; support availability analysis of the monitor and generate diversified statements

Inspur Ruijie system backup and recovery software

Main function recovery; network backup recovery; magnetic disk or partition cloning

Fully supporting Window and Linux operating system

Full support of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3 and other mainstream file systems

Support FTP-based network backup recovery; trans-platform backup recovery; high adaptability generating no local temporary file  during backup recovery and therefore the efficiency is higher

Flexible backup recovery mode; support single partitioning mode, single disk mode, multiple partitioning mode, multiple disk mode and multiple disks and partitioning hybrid mode

The disk data can be compressed to about 30% of the original size and even below 20% regarding some data

Supporting disk cloning, partition cloning; cloning has nothing to do with file system; support various types of operating systems

Backup file cut and storage; size is limited to 1600MB each file so that the user can create a backup on DVD disk.




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