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Inspur Yingxin SA5212H2

Functional Features

Targer users

Government, enterprises, cultural, educational institutes, health industry, telecommunication companies, universities and colleges, Internet and other sectors always have diversified environments with multiple purposes ; this product can be used as web access server, email server, database server, search server, video processing server and video storage server; also applicable for IDC/ISP/ICP/ASP and other network and data service providers' service applications

Product advantages

Modular design

SA5212H2 is a dual-channel high-end rack storage server product independently developed and designed by Inspur with strong supports from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The product has a fully modular design concept, with independent modular motherboard, casing, back panel, PCI-E expansion card, and redundant radiation fan and power source to guarantee high performances and to effectively reduce system costs

Energy efficiency

Innovative enhanced strain radiation system and 2-in-1 oriented air guide passage design can concentrate and control the air flow direction and guarantee the sound radiation of the CPU and internal memory in 1U high scalability condition. It increases system reliability, effectively extends the lifespan of components and reduces costs

Essential components (hard disk, power source and fan) supports hot-plug and redundancy and therefore allows replacement and maintenance without shutting down the server. The system availability is increased as a result

Flexible configuration

The brand-new upgraded PCI-E3.0 technology delivers the best performances in the industry. Compared with PCI-E2.0, the transmission speed doubles. It provides high-speed channel supports to 10G network cards, high-performance RAID cards and other expansion equipments

Smart management

Integrated BMC smart control chip is included in standard configuration; supporting IPMI administration network interface; supporting duplexing in data network interfaces; supporting remote control as per IPMI2.0;all-around remote administration of server; supporting remote operation, administration and deployment of operating system and application system; monitoring the operating conditions of server; separation between existing businesses and administration to increase work efficiency

Technical Specifications




Support two Intel E5-2400v2 CPU


10M/15M/20M/25M, different for different processor models

Chip set

Intel C600 chip set

Internal memory

Twelve internal memory slots; support DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600MHz; support six-channel access at the maximum; support single memory stick of 32G; maximum memory capacity of 384G

Harddisk controller

Motherboard integrated with eight SAS interfaces

Motherboard integrated with six SATA interfaces


SAS card: support SATA/SAS/SSD harddisk RAID 0/1; can add KEY to support RAID5 and others

High-performance RAID card: 512M cache RAID card; support RAID 0/1/10/5/6 and multiple RAID levels; battery is optional.


Support 12 hot-plug 3.5” SATA/SAS harddisks and two interior 2.5” SATA/SAS/SSD harddisks at the maximum

I/O expansion slot

Front installation: 2 USB interfaces

Back installation: two RJ45 network interfaces (configuration of 2 network interfaces), four RJ45 network interfaces (configuration of 4 network interfaces), one RJ45 administration interface, four USB interfaces, one VGA interface, one serial port and one UID indicator (blue)

Interior installation: 1 serial port and 1 USB interface

Integrated I/O port

Five PCI-E 3.0 slots and one PCI slot

If there are two processors, 2 x16 (bandwidth x8), 1 x8 (bandwidth x8), 2 x8 (bandwidth x4), 1 PCI

If there is only one processor, 2 x16 (bandwidth x8, 1 x8 (bandwidth x4), 1 PCI

Network controller

Configuration of 2 network interfaces: integrated with Intel 82576 dual 1G network cards

Configuration of 4 network interfaces: integrated with Intel 82574 + Intel 82576 four 1G network cards

Support I/OAT2 network acceleration technology, VMDq, SR-IOV virtual features; support network awakening, network redundancy, load balancing and other advanced network features

Integrated with one 100M administration network card

Power source

600W single-power-source or 550W and higher 1+1 redundant power source; optional platinum power source; optional power source that supports Pmbus to realize DPNM functions

Graphical card

Integrated with a display controler with a 16MB graphical memory

DVD drive

Slim DVD-RW drive with eight harddisks

Optional external DVD-RW drive with USB interface and 16 harddisks

Floppy disc drive

Optional virtual floppy disk with USB interface based on flash memory technology

Administration features

Integrated BMC+IKVM chip; support Inspur Ruijie administration set; Inspur advanced server administration module is adopted to provide remote administration and diagnosis services; support IPMI1.5 and IPMI2.0, WfM2.0, EMP, KVM over IP

Working environmental temperature


Mains voltage


International certificatin

ISO9000 international quality management system

ISO14001 international environment management system


 (430mm (W) x 88mm (H) x 660mm (D))



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