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Inspur Yingxin SA5212M4

Functional Features


Large storage capacity

Up to  12* 3.5” LFF HDD and rear 4* 2.5” SFF HDD, 8*3.5” LFF HDD could be supported through direct backplane ,  the Max. Capacity of front HDD is 96TB, satisfying internet users’ storage requirement. The rear four HDD could simultaneously support OS disks and SSD and integrated SATA DOM interfaces

More optimized expansion

SA5212M4 supports direct inline half height cards and full height cards through riser card, up to one PCIe3.0x8 and one PCIe3.0x16 full height card, 2 PCIe3.0x8 half height cards and one PCI3.0x16 half height card. Different modes can be selected according to expansion demanding and optimizing cost

Powerful IO performance

Optional support I350 2*1GE, I350 4*1GE, 82599 2*10GE, 82599 1*10, satisfying different applications and environments; any network port supports NCSI, and multi-port NCSI binding in the same network chip, satisfying various business requirements

Low consumption

High efficiency joint developed Platium PSU supports A-S and HVDC, effectively reducing consumption lost. With optimizedcooling design, the server is able to work normally in 40 , cooling consumption and server consumption are both reduced,  and energy is saved

Easy maintenance

The system has more sensors and failure testing components, indication functions still work in case of power down. The front penal indicators easily and directly show failures of key components

Wide applicability

The system is applicable for DC/AC, support remote management, working in 5-40℃ and higher expansion capacity, fully satisfying performance requirements of storage space, network, power supply, management, cooling and PCI-E expansion

Supporting external 10 GB cards PXE and management multiplex; supporting Active-Standby, HVDC, and single/dual power supply. Dedicated design and internet application idea produced more convenient computing storage server, with higher performance price ratio, lower maintenance cost, and higher profits for users


Technical Specifications




2U  rack

Max. Processors



Intel® Xeon®  E5-2600v3 series



Max. working frequency:2133MHz

Max. Storage

12*3.5” SAS/SATA  and rear  4 *2.5”SAS/SATA

Direct 8* 3.5” SAS/SATA  is optional


Onboard  10  SATA  controller

Optional onboard  8-port 12G SAS3008 controller

I/O slots


1 PCI-E  3.0x8+x1 HHFL

2 PCI-E 3.0x16 HHHL( one is x8 bandwidth)

1 PCIe3.0x8, 1 PCIe3.0x16 FHFL through riser card


1 PCI-E  3.0x8+x1 HHFL

1PCI-E 3.0x16 HHHL(one is x8 bandwidth)

Network controller

Optional integrated  Intel 2GE/4GE port

Virtual acceleration, network acceleration, load balance and redundancy;

Optional onboard 82599 SPF+  1-port/2-port 10GE, PXE and management multiplex, multi network port  NCSI binding

Power supply

Platinum redundancy, Active-Standby, HVDC, single/dual PSU;  PMbus, Ruineng Smart Power consumption management technology


Integrated  independent network port,IPMI 2.0, KVM over IP and virtual  media;1GE/10GE   port management multiplex;

Inspur Ruijie server management and deployment software

OS supported



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